I play music because it’s the thing that makes me feel whole. When I am fully immersed in my music, it is like a meditation and I am able to disappear into the sound. When I am in that space, it feels like I am praying and singing at the same time. It is then that I know I am doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life.

Back in 1999 when I was 28, I lost my girlfriend Rachel to leukemia. This was an incredibly painful wake-up call for me that caused me to question just about everything in my life. I turned to music as a vehicle for healing. Through this process, I realized that despite the difficult external reality, there was still joy and love and things to look forward to in life. As I shared my work with others, they seemed to be able to relate to it as well. Some of the most rewarding feedback I received on my work came from people who were using my music to get to the other side of a dark place.

I began to see this healing aspect of the music as part of my life’s work and my mission. I realized that I could offer the gift of healing through songwriting to others, as well as continuing to share my spirit through my singing and composing. With this in mind, I began using songwriting as a conscious tool for this healing. This takes the form of people sharing their own experiences with me, brainstorming the best way to present their ideas in musical format, and through the process of creating something new, they end up being transformed. It is extremely rewarding to see clients moving through emotional experiences by shining a light on even the most painful times and creating something of beauty as a result. Although this process is not one that I had envisioned for myself, it is truly amazing to witness.

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