1. Shehechayanu

From the recording A Shelter of Peace

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(commissioned by members of Temple Solel in honor of John and Nancy Linder’s 25th Anniversary)

At this special moment in our lives
We recognize how far we’ve come
We’ve filled the ordinary days
With so many things we’ve seen and done

Our hearts are filled with gratitude
Our sense of purpose is renewed
And words of blessing roll off of our tongues

Shehechayanu, v’kiymanu, v’higyanu
Lazman hazeh

Through challenges we’ve overcome
Our many dreams have merged as one
This life we have created
Is so precious and appreciated

We thank you God for blessing us
Sustaining us when times were tough
Allowing us to reach this sacred day

Shehechayanu, v’kiymanu, v’higyanu
Lazman hazeh

We find strength in one another
In the best times or in the worst
We look upon each day together
As though it was our first

Shehechayanu, v’kiymanu, v’higyanu
Lazman hazeh

Copyright 2009 Todd Herzog (VoxArt Music, ASCAP)